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Old 2007-06-03, 08:31
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REASON4 needs 2-way REWIRE support and audio-midi interface.

Think of this.....

Open up reason 4, rewire it to ableton live or another host, with reason being the master....setup a vst channel in ableton then REWIRE the audio to an AUDIO IN channel on reason. Link the MIDI OUT from reason channel to the ableton channel with your vst. Play your midi notes from reason sending the signal into your vst. This way you can use vst's in the reason environment and use any of your reason fx's on the audio coming from the vst. This would completely open up a new way of working, which would also stop forever the constant begging for vst's within Reason. This seems like its very possible and if this is not in the next version of reason, it would be a huge let down. We already have audio in via the rebirth input device, so why could this technology not be expanded to have 64 channels of audio in, like we already have 64 channels of audio out?

We need 2 way full rewire support and audio in and midi out for reason.

Get with it props, its not 2001 any more.

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