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Beginner! Recycle Question?

Helllo everyone,

I am new to the Reason world. Just got a Korg MicroKontrol midi keyboard and Reason. I have been absolutely obsessed with it all and I absolutely love it. I would reallly like to begin sampling but have a quick question about recycle.

So I understand that once you have a sample/loop that you can load it in to recycle and then cut/splice and do with it what you will. But how do I make my own samples and loops.
For example if I have a cd and load an entire song onto my computer. Can I than load the whole song into recycle and take the sample of the song I want from recycle and then disgard the rest. Or if I want to make a loop off of a cd I have, can I do this in recycle. I am very new to this so the answer may be obvious but I really do not know. Thanks for any help.

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