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Device suggestions...

1. It would be cool to have a unique (I don't know if this type of device exists already) EQ mixer.

Sometimes, when you're mixing a track, and you have say, two different lead sounds but at the same eq range, they need panning and eq:ing to be audibly separated to appear more clearly and separated from each other in the final mix. I suggest that in some future version of Reason, there's a unit (Let's call it Divider for future reference) where you input a couple of audio sources that are automatically eq:ed to avoid clashing with each other.

The Divider will have a knob for each channel called Layer ranging from 1-10 (the unit has 10 inputs and 10 outs).
Say you have a fresh saw lead that you want to dominate the other leads, just put your layer knob for that channel to 1. Then you have some bright pads that you want to place directly underneath, you set that channel knob to 2 etc.

See how much easier mixing would be? And if you automate every knob, you can easily switch "placement" of each instrument very quickly.

It would also come with a little switch for "pumping" or "ducking" effect, so you can use it to separate a kick drum from a fat bassline.

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