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Problems running Reason with Cubase


So I've been working on my next CD for a while and during each recording session where I'm running Reason with Cubase, Reason will quit running in ReWire mode. Usually, I'll start a track pressing play in Cubase, and both Reason and Cubase parts will run. When it stops working, I'll press play in Cubase, it'll play but I won't hear any of the vocals recorded, and in Reason, the line isn't moving at all. So I'll save everything, shut down Reason, and then Cubase will tell me that it can't shut down because Reason is still running.

At this point I shut off the computer and reboot it. Last week I did this (thankfully after finishing my mixing), started up the computer, tried to run both programs and I was told that this was my first time running Reason with Cubase, and all of my previous settings were lost.

Has anyone else had this problem? And, if so, what have you done to prevent it? Is it a processing speed issue?

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