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Midi control - Nuendo & Reason


I'm trying to rewire Reason in Nuendo and am having some difficulties getting the midi to work properly. Here's the details:

My goal: easily selecting different sounds from reason to use through the midi control in Nuendo. (in reason itself you simply select the track you wish to use your midi on and it always works)

My problem: What i have managed to get working so far is_ i've made a midi track and managed to select a 'sound' from reason (through output) and be able to play it in nuendo with my keyboard. But when i wanna simply sellect a new or other excisting sound i need to select it from a rather long list of devices on the miditrack. This is a process that takes way to long if your simply playing around looking for tunes/sounds.

If anyone has the slightest idea what i'm talking about, any help is welcome

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