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Old 2007-06-20, 17:23
Dubnicks Dubnicks is offline
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Fixes to make RDK refills more usable...

Please either make some sort of transmutting (on the fly crossfading between samples) possible in NN-XT or make a dedicated drum module for RDK that has such technology built in. RDK has some of the best samples in any multi-track drum sample set out there, but having to work around the sloppy way in which the closed hi-hat cut off the open hats makes me regularly choose to use BFD, DFHS or Addictive Drums instead. The issue is most obvious when soloing the Room Mics channel or Overheads. I've requested this before, but I get the impression that you guys don't really care that much about the usability of RDK, which is a shame, cause it's your best product. Oh well.

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