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adding instrument or effects

This has been bothering me for a while now and now that I found this forum I will post it.

In reason 3.0 - 3.04 they messed up when adding instruments and effects.

When adding a effect to a instrument you
right-click on the device and select what effect you want to add to that device. That is o.k. but here is the problem..

Now, lets say I have a redrum and want to add separate effects on channels 1 and 2. I would usually right-click on the black area and choose the effect without it connecting to anything,then hit tab and connect it manually, right.

Well if you do what I just said in 3.0, it will connect to the device automatically or whichever device is last in that chain. It gets annoying because it will mess up my chain, forcing me to disconnect the device and re-route something that was already connected the way I wanted it.

In 2.5 it never did that.

I hope whoever read this can understand me.

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