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Old 2007-06-23, 11:29
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Unlock my own .RPS song file so i can save changes ?

just started using Reason again as a tool to create loops and a basic idea for a track. I find it useful as i can use it on my laptop, on my work pc and my DAW. Once i get an idea i export as an audio file track by track and then work on in Cubase Audio.

To get around the problem of there being different samples on my PC, Laptop and DAW i thought i would save as a published song file, that way when i open on one of the other computers all the samples will be there. All well and good and i did a really inspired hour of work only to realise that its not possible to save changes to a published song file! All my hours work gone. Now i underatand the reason for the restriction so that other artists work cannot be plagarised but in my scenario i need to be able to tell reason to not lock the rps file! Is there any way to do this?

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