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Old 2007-06-30, 00:03
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wow, props... looks like you have done a fantastic job!

reason4 is going to be a real huge leap! I looked at the reason4-pages once again and I am amazed - so many things I have been waiting for (even unconsciously) - a really great sounding new synth with lots of control and possibilities, a high pass filter (thor), formant osc, wavetable osc, fm osc and so on. furthermore a fantastic useable new sequencer (it looks awesome AND very useable!!!). finally: new sounds and an arpeggiator with midi to cv conversion - could be fantastic... I am so excited. finally: new panes for devices, tools and more to make things even better. I am really curious for "the rest", i.e. the lots of little things you will have implemented, we do not even know about yet. Ok, I don't know if I would ever need ReGroove, but hey - who thought the Combinator to be such a cool tool that I would never like to miss again! Really, really cannot wait to get my hands on REASON4!!! Thanks, Props!

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