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using reason, mac on a gig

I'm a touring musician playing basically piano, wurly and b-3 sounds and want to be able to fly to out of town gigs with just my laptop and be confident that I can rent a backline keyboard to access my pre-prepared patches and sequences in Reason. What's the best sounding way to go? To use a mini jack out from the computer to a DI box? To output reason as an aux track on my M-Box? Is there a way of sending dedicated seperate outs to my mackie mixer? I want to avoid having to faff about too much selecting patches between songs and trying to talk to the audience at the same time? Should I have all my preferred keyboard settings as seperate tracks open on one reason session? or seperate sessions ?
I love the sounds in reason, but I'm a bit apprehensive about my laptop crashing in the middle of a song on a gig. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

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