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NNXT and NN19...why.......

.....are these STILL called SAMPLERS???? They DO NOT SAMPLE!!!!

They should be renamed on the devices as sample P L A Y B A C K D E V I C E S
seeing as Reason does not have the capability to S A M P L E!

Gotta say, I have been using Reason since 2.5 and I still dont understand why they can't have an audio recording function. Having audio recording for so many of these music programmes about is as common as having to have fuel for a car, or electricity for a light bulb...ITS THE DONE THING..... so why does Reason CONTINUE to ignore it??? I like Reason, but it's annoying in the arrogance that is shown at times at not implementing the most basic and most requested function!!!! Irritating. And then we get the annoying dictionary eating people on here who, with their English BA Honours degree standard essays, mouth off actually meaning "dont use Reason then" - giving any audio recording "requestees" a hard time because they ASKED for it to be put in....WHY????? Jesus Christ! JUST PUT AUDIO RECORDING IN THE NEXT UPGRADE OF REASON!!!!

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