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Old 2007-07-13, 22:26
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Hearing remaining tracks when solo recording Subtractor.

Okay , here's my dilemma. First disclaimer is that I have all of my devices patched directly into the hardware device, with no MClass Mastering Suite Combi or Mixer in my rack.

Now, I have an 1 instance of each of the following in my rack: NNXT, Redrum and Subtractor. I have Reason rewired into Tracktion 2. Now, what I do is export my song as a midi, open that midi file in Tracktion, assign a rewire filter to each of the tracks that are created within Tracktion, select the appropriate inputs for each filter and then render each track individually.

For some reason (no pun intended), the Subtractor audio track has a faint recording of the rest of the song (a summation of the rest of the tracks) within it on the remaining channel. So basically, within the Rewire filter that I created for my Subtractor midi track, I only selected one input channel, but still audio is being recorded on the remaining channel of the pair.

At first I thought that it must have been because I had Subtractor plugged into a bad input on the hardware interface (which i know is kind of far-fetched, but hey, I had to try something). So, rather than using channel 5, I moved Subtractor over to channel 6.

Now, the funny thing about this is that I previously had Subtractor running into an an RV-7 and that in turn was running into the hardware interface on channels 5 and 6. When I did this, i didn't have the same problem as I had when I was running Subtractor directly into the hardware interface.

Odd. Anyway, if anyone knows how I can get around this problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, just to be sure (because I don't remember the operation manual mentioning), Subtractor only has a monophonic audio output, correct? So, if I wanted a stereo output from Subtractor, I'd have to use the Spider Audio Merger, right?


Any help or suggestions at all would be appreciated. Thank you.

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