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Old 2007-07-15, 23:12
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Reason the virtual rack compared to a real rack

so a real rack will consist of a mixer, Akai s5000, 1000, korg triton, and what ever you want to add to it hard or software nowadays and of course your favorite sequencer MPC 500 to 4000 or roland MV 8000 to 8800

Now Reason and this is for all first I don't think it should have audio recording then it becomes another FL Studio or Project 5v2, But it should have recording for The NNXT sampler so we all can sample and edit,auto chop function and placement load sample chop and placement and all the functionality of hardware samplers with the advantage of software on a recycle like display page rather for drums or multisamples such as pianos and ect. now the NN19 should be able to do basic sampling like the samplers of old like the akai S 1000. Moving to Dr. Rex loop player should not only play and sync rex files but also .wav files, you should also be able to chop beats up using the doctor rex loop player display by importing samples you sampled from the NNXT sampler. Now about midi out we all know no one is going to get rid of all their hardware but to be able to sequence those hardware counterparts will make Reason an expandable rack so props add midi out, ok VST DX fans why not props let it be the choice of the user just start off with none multitimbral vsti and Dxi instruments to see how it goes is not that the point of beta testing. Props and other developers will have to work together to ensure stability but it will be well worth it then to me Reason would be Ready to handle hardware domination maybe,

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