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Old 2007-07-18, 06:22
sebdj sebdj is offline
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I am a Reason user since the first version.
And still I can't believe that the conceptor do not integrate such simple thing like :

1. (Allow Edit Automation In Mixer. )
Like before the mixer is the most important
tools. If I want to put a package of string
togheter I got to do it one by one it's pretty annoying when you have 10 diffenrent

2. Make a new thing in the mixer named combine volume or something like that. Imagine a button on each track of the mixer that when it's click on link those track togheter just for the volume.
So with this we can make more mixing effect without having to make mathematic.

3. Really Simple thing : add a time line.
I always have to export my song and play it to know how long the song is. For publicity musician this can be very useful. Because they have a really strick
time to respect.

4. Make a new export solution.
If I make a album, in the day I make all the songs a little or big adjustement.
And I like to put it in my ipod when I'm out. But I always have to export song one by one. It's very annoying. Open...Export...Close...
So why you don't create a new song exporter. Like (choose the Reason File you want to exporter) we click on ALL the song we want and it go automaticly. And when I come back and ready to go, my song is ready and updated and it took me 10 sec to setup and no 30 min.

All this are time saving new fonctions. I'm sure you can do this without problem.

Thank You!

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