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rewire reason 3 to ableton 6

Hi, I have been having problems getting rewiring Reason 3 to Ableton 6. It has worked perfectly before, but I have recently had a problem with Guitar Rig and Ableton, which I have now resolved, but lost the rewire capabilities.
I have tried opening the devices and assigning to the audio track in every order possible. I have uninstalled all three programs and reinstalled them in every order possible. I have been advised to delete
"/Library/Application Support/Propellerheads folder" but it does not exist on my system.
Here is what happens;

I open Ableton, select Reason as the input on my audio track and then launch Reason. I get the Reason title graphic then it freezes with the egg timer and stops responding. I have to kill Reason using the task manager but after that my computer somehow thinks it is still running.
Error message:
Could connect to the Reason Engine
The Reason Engine is already in use.
Make sure You only run one instance of Reason.
I cannot open Reason or Ableton again normally without re starting my computer.
Has anyone else come across this?
Is there a Solution?
I am about to go back to my Yamaha AW16g as I Have been stuck for two weeks now!!!!
I have posted this message on the Ableton forum with no resolution as yet.

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