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Recording album with reason- help

Can anyone add to this/offer any comments/suggestions???

Essentially this is the plan, and It would be good to get your feedback.

1. All songs have been written in Reason. Using default guitar patches, bass patches (basically using patches to mimic the audio). As I mention below effect patches will remain and 'audio imitating patches' will be deleted in the end.
2. When recording time comes, I will delete the drum patches, the guitar patches, the bass patches (except when they are used as individual guide tracks)- i.e. anything that will be replaced by audio. I will retain keyboard patches, various effect patches (from redrum, nn-19, malstrom etc) and loops which are in the song. Some songs are flooded with effect and keyboard patches- which I love! They are all default patches- but simple ones mostly- like keyboard piano etc
3. Then we rewire Reason audio sequencer and bring in the audio (Drums first). I am very happy with the way the songs have turned out in reason - except of course the guitar/bass/etc- you know as well as me no patch can create a great guitar sound- that is well established. I find it impossible, regardless of what paramaters I tweak.
4. This should be hugely less expensive than a 'normal' studio recording, in which everything is done in one go...

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