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Old 2007-08-01, 10:45
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Hey James Bernard tell props to add the features! more...

You have to tell props
to stop (fuking)around with users
and finally give them what they want.
You know Fl studio there is a beat slicer
channel that does amazing things to loops
reverses them randomizes them etc
Imagine the ability to reverse individual
slices in dr rex !
or simple clip reverse in the sequencer
a slimple option that flips the loop/
that is not a big deal.
Or ability to reverse samples in the redrum.
or simple step recording mode.
monophonic arpeggiator
are we in the 80's still.
it is nice to finally get an update
but to add a razor tool and nothing else
is just fuking funny
props did nothing to impress the users
they made what other software had for
many years and they still incompleted
the tool menu fuk that
if there was step recording mode
I would piss all over this new arpeggiator fuk it
not one single effect added in v4

I am so angry with props for not adding
those small and very simple tools to 4
they are very important!!!!!!!!

Hey Bernard you know what I'm
talking about?
Or you just have nothing to say
at Propellerhead
Or you just a puppet they use
to sell in USA who knows
I believe in ten more years
REASON 7 will kick ass


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