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Larger Font/Interface Option Please

I'm sure many Reason users are young, healthy and have good vision. But trust me when I tell you it won't last forever. Once you pass 40 your eyes start to go downhill. It's inevitable.

I use Apple Cinema 20 inch displays at 1680 X 1050 and I use a lot of audio and video software and plug-ins. With only a few exceptions, Reason is by far the most difficult to see and produces the most eye strain over extended use. I even have a special eyeglass prescription for computer use.

I'm sure many of you appreciate the compactness of Reason, especially when running it with another host. I'd just like to see some kind of option that allows a module to be zoomed maybe 15 or 20% and a little more attention to making the font higher contrast. This would go a long way towards improving the usability of Reason for many of us that have "less than perfect" ocular skills.

Thanks for listening.

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