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Wave Playing Device

This may have been said before, but I would like to see a device in reason that can play waves and have them in your sequencer as wave files and not one midi note held down for the duration of the song.

If I am working with recorded wave tracks, and I want to edit the song I have to play the whole damn thing through just to get to one part I want to hear to change because of the midi note. If you don't play the track before that midi note is initiated, then it won't register as being played, and thus not playing the wave file.

Ideally, I would liike it to be a wave file in reason that if I stop or start in the middle of the track, then it stops or starts in the middle of the wave file.

Also, support for mp3's would great. I am currently having problems because I ran out of memory with too many large wave files in NN-XT devices. If I could use an mp3 or there could be some sort of other way to load the wave without using so much memory, perhaps compression or something, that would be great. Rex files seem to have a limit on size and are therefore useless.



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