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ASR 10 Sample & Hold

My Reason 3.0 will be here tomorrow. Woo Hoo! Anyway, is there a way to pull off the sample & hold in Reason like you can with an ASR 10? I.E. set the sample up for hold for say the first note of a gutar lick then when you release the key the sample plays to the end? And subsequent key strokes plays the sample as usual? Confusing I think but let me put it this way:
I have a sample lasting four beats. I can on an ASR set it up to sample & hold the first beat so if I hit and hold the key it will just repeat the first beat, if I release the key it plays that beat and the remaining 3 beats. Beat one loops until the key is released and then plays out the other 3 beats. Sorry if I am not making myself clear. just wondering. I am pretty sure that I can reverse loops and such just wanted to see if i could do the ole sample & hold.

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