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Old 2007-08-29, 04:46
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From time to time people are heard complaining about sound

That is complaining about the reason sound.

I want to refer those people to supersweet's website. Which outlines this topic more thorougly.

Basically, the gist was, they could not find any spectrum difference, though they did find some background sound in silent parts that shouldn't be there when using large numbers of instruments in reason.

It simply came down to people expecting their experience with reason to be like that of pulling a hardware keyboard out and playing it for the first time. It sounds fat! Because it's already added effects to a sound. Something reason assumes you will want to do yourself. Good choice.

However, I myself do also like that out of box experience and I do find that in refills I buy. They sound incredible already effected.

My experience is reason can sound just as good. But most of the time it's either effecting polish missing or mixing, mastering polish missing in those who claim it doesn't sound as good.

Heck, even I used to claim that once when I was new. But I know better now.

P.S. Didn't they remove the 3db limit in later versions of reason?


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