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Reason Pianos Ch. 2

Alot of requests are made to the props to make Reason better, and thats all very good, but one of the things the props do the best is make refills. Other companies make great refills and all, but the Props stuff really is the cream of the crop.
So I suggest the props keep doing what they are good at (Like the abby roads refill. That sounds spectacular.) and make...

Reason Pianos Chapter two! The pianos in Reason pianos 1 are such great instruments, but there are so many kinds of Pianos. My suggestions are any of the following:

Bosendorfer grand
Baldwin grand
Yamaha U3 upright
Petrof upright.

At the very least, at least include the Yamaha U3 upright. These pianos have such a distinct sound to them.

Reason users will have synth patches coming out of their eyeballs once R4 is released with Thor being in the mix. What I would love to see are some more Reason Pianos!
(The production notes on the development of Reason pianos 1 indicated there might be some more development in the future, so maybe you guys already have this in the works.)


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