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Old 2007-09-16, 00:55
eqspike eqspike is offline
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This might be strange but I want drum sounds like...

Steve Lillywhite got with Mark Brzezicki on the Big Country records.

Those toms, and kick drum were just amazing. The cymbal work was out of this world too.

I know that some of it was accentuated with triangle percussion.

But I'm planning on buying Reason 4.0. I was wondering if I could the sound without also forking over the $$ for the Refil drums, or would I still not be able to get that sound even with the Refil drums. What about 30 Drum Kits and World Drums from Audiorwarrior?

Another experiment I would like to play around with are the heavy toms by two drummers like Adam and the Ants used to do on songs like at the beginning of Kick.

Synth drums often make it impossible to get that sound. Can I do it with Reason either with or without the Refils?

These references are certainly old, and maybe obscure, but I like the drum sounds they had.

I would appreciate it if anyone could help me with this.

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