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Old 2007-09-17, 03:23
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Linkin Park [cure for the itch] sounding drums..

Okay..Now i know linkin park is a professional band and i know there dj 'Mr. Haun' is as well. But my question is, in alot of there songs you hear loops and samples that you KNOW aren't live instruments but rather a mpc or something. Now in the song, cure for the itch, it seems to be to be pure software or hardware like an mpc or such. But his drums in there are just powerful and awesome sounding, they don't drown out the strings or anything yet you can still feel the drums. My question is, how or what is he using!?! i mean everyone talks about reason replacing most hardwares, but man! for something made in 2000 or 2001 he has an awesome drum sound!! And if ANYONE has any idea what hes using or tips on Reason on how to make your drums actually sound good please let me know, i've been searching for years and have just found no help.

Much love.

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