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Old 2007-07-20, 01:46
xilarath xilarath is offline
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hardware for playing reason files live?

Ever needed to play reason files live? It would definitely be cool to have some kind of hardware setup which you can take with you in a gig or something. This would be definitely needed for those bands out there who have a hybrid setup with synths through reason and guitars/drums/vocals done by humans.

I am imagining something like a rack module which reason could interface with and 'upload' its files... with the module offering some limited control for live editing (panning, volumes, equalization, basic mixer controls maybe?)

It would also help to pan and direct different channels to specific outputs (example directing the click-track to the drummer's headphones)

Using a laptop is obviously a solution, but definitely not a reliable one (imagine windows crashes with a blue screen, or a virus scanner starts scanning or something stupid of those sorts). Most audio cards with laptops are also of very low quality.

The other solution would be to save the files as MP3s or WAV files and use some mp3 player, however one will not have the flexibility of directing separate channels to separate speakers and/or drummer headphones etc.

Have propellerhead soft ever thought of partnering with someone (i dont know, M-Audio, Alesis, all those guys out there) for a dedicated hardware module?


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