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Old 2007-09-12, 21:39
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New ReFills [Copy of e-mail to Propellerhead]

First off, I love the Real Drum ReFills and Piano ReFills! I was hoping that the next ReFill would be Real Guitars. That is the only thing that eludes me. Capturing all the articulations and fingerings (like Eddie Van Hallen) would be awesome. You could even sell "ReStomp," a stomp box of effects.

The other thing I think would be amazing would be "UnWire." A reverse of ReWire. This would allow Reason to be used as an effects module. One could take audio from their audio host and route it to Reason for added effects. I realize that requires a lot of permissions from other companies but I think it would be well worth it. Right now, if I want to use an effect, I have to use the Advanced Sampler. That is cumbersome and is a pain when I have to stop the mix because so does the sample.

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