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10 BPM loss on export to WAV

Okay, I know this may seem silly, but I am experiencing a consistent 10 BPM loss when I bounce a track to .wav.

I have checked this on several different tracks that I have bounced (at different bit-rates and sample frequencies), and yet, I always end up with an approximately 10 BPM loss on the bounced track. The loss seems to affect everything from the tempo of the music to the EQ, and the FX.

I have checked my winbloze settings for audio sample rate and quality 14 ways from friday, and still, 10 bpm is the price I pay. (whether it be 60 bpm jazz, or 124 bpm house, and all in-between).

Other DAW software does not react the same. Reaper and Cubase both output at the correct bpm, and the FX are correct even when I export MIDI tracks from Reason, and have the target software perform the playback.

However, when I do the audio export directly from Reason, I experience a 10 bpm loss.

The questions I have are as follows:

1) is this a known issue?

2) am I crazy?

3) has anyone else seen this?

4) do I just need to suck it up, be a man, and bump up my playback by 10 BPM?

thanks in advance for any help that may be given.


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