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No edit view in Reason Adapted 2.5?

It's the first time really, that I've tried to use the Reason Adapted 2.5 that came with my Digi hardware and I'm immediately stumped. It seems I have no arrange/edit icon on the top left side of the sequencer window that is supposed to be used to switch between the arrange view and edit view. I only have a set of edit tools there. Surely this version allows the user to get a piano roll for putting in midi notes for an instrument? I've looked at the manual but it's for 3.0 and it shows all the icons that are supposed to be at the top of the sequencer window....all I have is a set of edit tools: an arrow, eraser, zoom tool and hand...that's it. How do I sequence in this thing? There must be a way because the it can also be used as a standalone. How else would you use RA in standalone mode if you couldn't sequence in it?
I can trigger notes from a PT midi track to the different instruments but I'd like to try the sequencer in do I pencil in notes? Did the RA Digi version omit this important feature?

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