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Physical modeling

Hello everybody!

I was asked by document02 to post some more details about my pm synthesizer entirely done in R3.


Maybe someone is interested in.

I am not a PM pro, so don't expect too much professional information like a physicist could provide .

So this is how it's working:

As mentioned in another thread in the feature suggestion forum, physical modeling takes another approach for generating tones.

The [source] is producing a mix of noise and an odd harmonics oscillator to produce a natural sounding tone like a blower of a whistle.

Every instrument "reacts" to certain frequencies, that is called resonance. As you may have guessed, the resonance points aren't easily matched by a simple [LP|HP|BP]/ res filter, but we can simulate a body containing certain resonance characteristics. Usually the body is a hall effect.

Now, depending on the instrument type, certain parameters are of interest in generating a usable tone:

- a modified comb filter can be used to "stimulate" certain resonance frequencies (a trumpet may have a slight variation of comb frequency)

- the body [hall fx] provides us with irregular resonance points

- to improve the sounding of a tone we can use some of the scream algorithms to create a richer sounding source, that is more "unpredictable" ie has more irregular characteristics ( like in real nature)

- the oscillation types: you may vary the types of oscillation like using a rectangle shape instead of sawtooth ( yes, a sawtooth contains not pure odd harmonics)

PS: I'm not good in writing tutorials. Please feel free to post any comments or questions. I'll try to answer them as soon as possible.


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