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Old 2007-09-26, 23:54
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Thor Step Sequencer needs a Stop/Rest CV Input.

I can do anything to the incredibly awesome Step Sequencer in Thor *except* stop the darn thing once it gets started.

This would be especially useful in cases where you're chaining the "End of Seq Out" from one instance to the Trigger input of another. As it is today, this works fine, but once you've started the first one there's no way to prevent it triggering the second.

This becomes an issue because the first one can be made to re-trigger when a new note is played, but there's no way to communicate to the subsequent chained step sequencers that you want them to stop or start over.

An additional CV input to the Thor Step Sequencer that would "Reset" it (stop it if it's running and return to the first step (useful in single-step mode)) would allow many new interesting possibilities.


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