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Old 2007-10-01, 04:05
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Is there a way to NOT use Clips in sequencer

I dont like how this new sequencer revolves around clips. I liked it before when i just recorded and could work with the whole thing without having to click through each sub division of the track im recording to.

Say im playing a piano riff, now say i overdub 6 times. In 3.0 i could work on the whole section the entire time. Now i must click through 6 different sub divisions of my riff. It's really annoying, messy and slowing my work process down.

Also, say i play a riff on bars 1-4. Then play another riff on bars 5-8. Now i want to put the riff on bars 5-8 on top of the riff on bars 1-4 so both riffs will play together. Well with everything in clips i can nolonger do that, riff 5-8 will go over 1-4 entirely deleting everything i had in 1-4. I know i can copy paste it within the track but its still an annoyance that did not exist in previous versions.

I love all the other additions to sequencer but i hate working in clips like this. anyway to not have everything in clips like before?

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