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What makes me crazy in Reason 4...

IMHO Reason4 is fantastic and comes with many things I have been waiting for, but let's face the problems:

let's say the "button 1" is set to "triggered by note". then in the modulation matrix the button's destination is set to audio output (1 or 2 or whatever). everytime the note is pressed on the keyboard or triggered by the sequencer, there is a clicking noise when the audio state is toggled...

when the delay is tempo synced, the quick info text for the modulation rate is shown in "ms" instead of beats...

pressing "0" on the num-block does not locate the songfollower on the left locator anymore... instead the right locator is chosen? why this change?

zooming... there are other threads about the new strange zooming behaviour. I would like to see the old one again...


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