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Old 2007-10-04, 13:39
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Save "Documentation" within Patches (mostly for combinators)

I miss the feature to be able to save "Documentaion" along with Patches - Especially when Using the Combinator. Combinators can easyly become complex and remembering all the small defails of how to use them can be hard to remember.

So In stead of saving this "documentaion" in external files It would be nice if I directly in Reason could enter "Documentaion" (simple ascii-text) that is saved within the patch, hence its instantly available when the Patch is loaded.

A small (tiny) realestate of the front on the devices could depict a 2 state icon so you could instantly see if there had been entered any Documentation of the patch. Clicking this Icon would open a window where you can read and/or change the "documentaion"

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