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Old 2007-10-05, 11:33
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I have been used Reason since the first version. Since the second version I have send like hundred of new feature possibility. Propellerheads did none of them. Like they did NOTHING with users sugestions. And now Reason 4 is out and It's a real shame to call that a upgrade!

The only damn thing they add is thor who is the same damn thing as other Reason Sampler With only more control. And They add the Regroove Mixer...

This is what they said about Regroove Mixer : your music to sound less rigid, less programmed

I tough the Regroove gonna be like cool.
Finnally a Regroove Mixer that can give new sound possibility...

NO The regroove do nothing else that destroy the beat I just made by changing the music note order... What the hell is that? It's like if I make a song and ask for a robot oppinion.

Since months I'm thinking about create a new software WITH NO RESTRICTION. A software that is under Open Source liscense so everybody could enjoy it and work on it.

I'm not a coder, not a software maker but maybe you are or know somebody that can help? I'm only a musician that know what he want but never find it in Reason.

Let's see other open source software like Mozilla Firefox, Open Office. Both was under Microsoft power with Inrenet Explorer and Microsoft Word. But now those Open Source Software completly kick ass of microsoft.

Don't you wish more then just be a damn user sending suggestion that only other user read but not the company...?

Let's create a new software. I know how much work it represent. It can take years but I will not stay with reason for that long.

It maybe is a crazy dream but this is what art is about... Do you feel the same way as me?

Do you want a free software??

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