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To all Reason Nay sayers

Ok so here i am, a very very hppy Reason user since version 3. So where was i prior to Reason?
Well i was one of the Daw and 1000 VST plugins and effects users. In particular i used both Cubase and FL Studio.
Now both are great apps, i wont say they arent. My problem with these apps was:
1. Stability
I seriously lost count of the amount of times both apps would fail to start up, crash after a few hours use, huge cpu usage and so on...
2. The 1000 VST
Well needless to say, i spent more time on the internet downloading every possible Synth, Effects unit, Drum machine, etc.
The end result, i almost didnt do any music, and if i did, i landed up maybe always using the same 5 or 6 favourite VST plugins that i had dowloaded.
Now there is a lot of good VST stuff out there, unfortunately, the best ones really not beeing the Freeware.
There are tons and tons of Reverb effects (free), Chorus units, tape delays, and quite honestly, they all do the same.
Considering that most Free VST plugins are created using a limited set of possibilities and not coded, they are very rarelly really going to replicate a true sound of what the creator claims.
Anyhows, needless to say i got fed up with stupid Upgrades that didnt fix the problems but instead just added even more features and introduced even more problems on top of what already was wrong.
Now i PAY for my software, and has such when im not happy and see no point in carrying on with a dead end, i look for alternatives.
Enter a friend of mine whom used Reason and actually told me to try it out. What me Reason?, That app sucks, you always read soo bad things about it on all the forums, and no VST support, etc.. My friends response... Have you actually tried it for yourself? Well needless to say you know my answer.
So i gave Reason a go and well to say that i was impressed is an understatement, this app is and was what i really had been looking for all along.
So stable that even my crappiest low spec machine could happily run it. Great sounds, great interface, soo easy and fast to use. Then my mate pressed TAb and wow!!!
Now here is something that no 1000 VST, or any daw can do, and here i stand and will say that this feature lone gives Reason a flexability and product longevity that no other app out there could ever achieve without really copyin Reason!
So now i want this software!!! I was unemployed at the time and cash for a new *toy* wasnt really available.
So i started trying to sell off all my VST plugins that i had purchased (didnt sell so well) and saved every little penny i found (literally and actually!!!). I even remember asking the Props if they could not help out a bum with a freebie, lol...
Off course they were rather decent in their reply but could not do so. Fair enough they are after all a bussiness.
Now i never went off on the FL and Cubase Forums stating how crappy and bull these apps where, i simply had chosen a new music tool and was more than happy to just move along.
So in conclusion, i guess what im trying to say here is that if you actually brought Reason and arent happy, then sell it and move on to what suits your needs.
If you are a thief that simply uses P2P to get your Reason, then you shouldnt even have a say.
Otherwise, be happy and try to actually learn your Reason inside out, im shure that u wil be amazed at what you can actually do with this Swedish gem...
Have a nice weekend fellas and enjoy the actual music making, co's thats what it should be about.

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