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Old 2007-10-06, 03:42
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i'm reposting the image of sequencer cause it seems that most of the people notice only the red arrow pointing the space in the begging of the arrangement view.
the major point on this topic was for the many horizontal lines on sequencer.
in the new picture (above) you'll see the difference between the 2 pics marked with X.
original message is below:

the new introduction of confusing busy sequencer in reason 4 has already been covered by many users including me.
i guess that props will not go back to the old good, simply, faster "absolutely workable" sequencer due to the time they spend for the new one.(although it would be more than welcome if they could return to the old one).
instead, the could get rid some of the horizontal lines of the sequencer, making it less busy and confusing.
when a new track is added in sequencer it is in between 2 horizontal lines. when a 2nd track is added it produce a tiny space between the 2 tracks. (see 1st picture above).

if props get rid the upper horizontal line of its new track, this it will definitely save some serious space on arrangement with huge amount of tracks plus it will make the arrangement more clearer & less confusing, almost as it was on previous versions. (see 2nd picture above).
one more thing, the space in the beginning of the arrangement window should be deleted cause its annoying & also takes a bit of space from the arrangement window. (see red arrow on picture above).
it should be as it was on previous versions.

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