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Old 2007-10-07, 10:36
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STOP BEING LAZY BABIES--Learn to Read...etc

Or maybe watch all the Reason videos you can,

Am i the only one who DL's the documentation
and reads it 6 times B4 my R4 even got here?

The posts here as of late amaze me.

I will probably NEVER have a tech question to ask here at the forums...Why?
wel...Who ever would?....
the manual is descript enough.
I mean...are you lazy?...or just stupid?
I AM DEAD SERIOUS....This is music, not rocket science..
(ok, it's music science, fair enough?)

I cannot believe that people are bitchn about this update....((and i bitch a lot, about all kinds of stuff))
R4 beats R3. no contest.

WAAAAAA wAAAA the sequencer....
pffft....take some time to work with it b4 you knock it.

i can only speak from the experience of using the R4 Demo (and my full R3)

Sorry for the useless post but I thought id post a "i luv reason" rant to break up the monotony.

----Reason rules!
dont be mad if your software is smarter than you.----

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