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Reason 4 Importing Midi Files

If you try to import midi files in R4, you?ll see that reason is adding a combinator as a default synth corresponding to the midi track that you added.
The combinator by default it has no sound, meaning that you have to click and select a sound from its bank to hear the corresponding midi track.
In case you want your midi tracks to be connected with subtractors, malstroms, thors, or samplers, the only way to do this is to create new subtractors (or any other synth that you need) for every midi track that you have in your project, drag the midi data from the combinators & copy them to subtractor tracks. Then you have to delete all the combinator tracks to get rid the double midi data.
If you?re importing many midi tracks, lets say 10 or 14, this takes a lot of work to be done!
I found this procedure demanding by far more clicks than previous versions!!!

The ability to add independently empty tracks on sequencer should have been kept in Reason4.

The option to delete by one click track & device simultaneously is very handy indeed! But to add tracks & devices independently should have been kept. In fact I don?t understand why they?ve have delete this option.

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