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Reason 4.0 vs other Synths

After spending some time with R4 demo & programing THOR patches I have to say that THOR is one great softsynth.

I have been using software synths from logic & NI.

I think THOR really has a hit the mark.
The filters, have there own sound to them & are not just some complete rip off of the "so called classic filters"

Although the classic filters are there, they just have Propellerheads version or impression of those filters. I'm happy the routing is so flexible. Filters, routing & a modulation matrix really put THOR in a nice middle ground for software synths.

The amount of CPU seems about right for some easy patches, but spending time with just one patch & adding more & more to it, you can see the CPU get taxed bit by bit, not including anything else but THOR.

Im not trying to say its better than "brand x" or "brand X" is better than that. But after tooling around with it for some time, I can say that it will be getting used when my copy arrives!

As for the sequencer vs the classic sequencer, ya, I sorta enjoyed the old sequencer, At the time it came out it was very capable, but times & users have changed & the feature set needed a make over, its gonna take time to get comfortable using it.

Soon it will just be regarded as the new standard that all Reason users desire.
I doubt Propellerheads will ever have the classic version be a switchable option.

It shouldn't, software developers are gonna break some eggs to make an omelet. If people can't accept it then move on, or dont upgrade.

I have always enjoyed the synths & effects in Reason, I never used the samplers etc. Just the synths, so now with THOR in a Reason rack, I cant imagine what my next purchase would be?


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