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Old 2007-10-08, 10:33
drgoa drgoa is offline
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R4 PC Demo bug: Selection Tool & Drag do not work

I tryed the demo and found that in my system selection tool in the sequencer does not work.
I can not create rectangle window to select clips in one or more tracks.
I can use it only to selesct individual clip by clicking on it.
Selection tool ONLY when I am in edit mode and want to select notes - then rectangle window is avaliable.
The second problem is, that even if I select few clips - I can not move them using drag'n'drop.
Same goes for notes.
I can only move them around if I use Inspector values.
Moving between tracks is impossible.
(all operations were tryed with Snap ON and Snap OFF - all is the same)
I am running WindowsXP Pro SP2, AthlonXP 1800+, 1GB RAM.
Does Reason 4 needs some additional Windows components (as .NET for example) or Services running?
I will be glad if someone helps me out...
Because if the demo runs bad for me....then why pay for full version if I will have the same problems?

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