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Reason 4 - I'm Loving it!!

I've been using Reason now for about 3 years - 2.5, then 3.0 and now I've just got Reason 4.

First impressions are as follows;

1. THOR is brilliant - a proper fuller sounding synth which is what Reason was crying out for and in my opinion let Reason down before.

2. The new RPG8 only had a little play with this but the sounds I'm getting when hooked up to a Thor is really nice and is making me think of where I can be more creative in future.

3. Re-groove - not had a play on this but as I'm trying to produce house tracks I don't think this will be as much use to me but would be more suited to hip hop R & B etc.

4. The Sequencer - During BETA testing I was not sure - but now after using it for a few hours I have found it brilliant - it's made the arrangement of sounds faster and more intuitive and the background is so much easier on the eye in my opinion. The way you can automation controls now using vector type dots is far superior than before and the tempo control is so simple and quick to set up.

5. The sound - is in my opinion overall better ? I don?t know whether the sound engine has been tweaked but it certainly sounds better now on my system.

So anybody wanting to create music in an easy intuitive way where you have everything you need in one place then REASON 4 is the perfect companion in my opinion.

This months Music Tech magazine gave it 9 out of 10 in the review so all the negative comments I?m reading I?m thinking hold on how can a professional music production magazine give it such a high rating if it not the ?dogs bollox?.

Thanks for reading.

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