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Shut up and make music!!!!

I'm getting sick off all the people who think that they found the hot water.
Nobody says you have to work with reason if you don't want, but can you give me one example of soft or hardware who is that easy to use and experiment with.
And don't forget the price! If you want to buy an analog synth you have to pay a 1500 euro's for a new one. And then you have only one synth. For this price you buy 3 times reason.
And then the discussion on soundquality.
Record your drum without any processing or equalising, what do you have as result?
The same as taking a sample in reason without any processing or equalising.
And ever imagined how much time and effort it takes to just putting the mikes right, and wiring your console?

It's REASON so live with it!

And if you want better, make it yourself!!
But most of you are to stupid to write their names. How do you gonna make something better than REASON???
Go buy a puppet and play with it!!

I have one more thing to say:

RESPECT to the people behind REASON !!


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