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Old 2007-10-13, 21:15
RJPILA RJPILA is offline
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Best way to export drums/keyboards in REASON to ProTools?


My band is going into the recording studio next weekend, we use REASON as a backing track for drums/keys.

The guy uses ProTools and knows nothing about REASON, so I don't think Rewire is going to be an option.

But I need to Import my keyboards and drum machine stuff into his system from my REASON.

Is Exporting each REASON track into an .AIFF/.WAV file the only way to go about it?

Should I have the volume levels in REASON max'd out (before it clips, of course) before Exporting?

I use CUBASE at home and Rewire REASON though that. Would Exporting each REASON track through CUBASE be better/worse/no difference?

Any other thoughts on this issue? Thanks!


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