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Old 2007-10-12, 23:37
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Syncing to midi clock now overrides all transport buttons?

Back in version 3.05, I would sync Reason to midi clock and then hit record on the Reason transport and then hit play on my MPC 1000 and everything worked out fine. But, now, apparently, Reason 4 no longer allows me to do that. I can sync using the midic sync option within the "Options" menu, but now when I press record, I get a message telling me that since Reason is currently synced to midi clock, none of the transport controls are active.

Also, I tried importing a midi file (which 3.05 never allowed me to do with my MPC 1000 midi files), and Reason does it, but then I can't copy the midi file from one of the imported tracks and drag it to one of my other tracks. Am I the only one experiencing this? Let me know, please. Thanks.

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