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Old 2007-10-17, 01:51
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THOR sequencer Needs Upgrading ALREADY!!!

The THOR sequencer Should be able to to copy pattern to track, record automation on all 16 step paramater value changes in velocity, curve, gate length, step duration etc...WHY CANT IT?????

I applied a rotary controller to one of the 16 sequencer values expecting to be able to record my movements, but it can't record it??? However i could tweak it from my midi controller..WHAT THE??

Looking at the parameters that can be automated on THOR it does not list any of the 16 step sequencer value controllers...??

Come on props, this should be implemented to make the sequencer in THOR fully automatable. As it sits now, its missing its full potential.

It only lets you record these changes on the sequencer...

- Run Mode.
- Synced.
- Synced Rate.
- Direction.
- Step Count.
- Free rate.


You should also be able to record Automation on all these values...

- Note value, steps 1-16.
- velocity value, steps 1-16.
- Gate Length value, steps 1-16.
- Step Duration value, steps 1-16.
- Curve 1 vlaue, steps 1-16.
- Curve 2 value, steps 1-16.

Sure, its a long list, but its a big synth.



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