It's Making Music Month... so make some music!

Every activity we've planned for Music Making Month is designed to help us all make more and better music. So if you don't already use Reason, Record, or Recycle we don't want you to be left out of the fun! Download a demo below.

  • Record audio tracks
  • Large-format pro mixer
  • ID-8 Instruments
  • Neptune Pitch Corrector
  • Flexible stems export
  • Advanced synthesizers
  • Live sampling
  • Kong Drum Designer
  • Advanced effects
  • Rex Loop File Player
  • Create your own custom
  • loops in the REX file
  • format. Recycle has
  • automatic transient
  • detection for fast slicing.

The Reason Workflow

If you're new to Reason and Record, check out this video of product specialist James Bernard building up a track in Reason. He'll introduce you some ways you can create devices, wire them together, and experiment with your idea to find new inspiration.