Event Replays

Below you'll find all our planned events for Music Making Month. Click the Facebook like button to be reminded about an event when it's about to happen or for important scheduling updates. And come back here to replay videos of past events.

The Future of Music Making
Mon May 2nd @ 10 AM EST (4 PM CET)

For a special Music Making Month kick-off event, Propellerhead Software's founding members Ernst Nathorst-Böös, Marcus Zetterquist, and Pelle Jubel will be holding a special live session to chat about the future of music making. How are we all making music today? How have our methods changed in the last 5 years and if we look 5 years ahead can we draw any conclusions? Bring your best questions, predictions, and futuristic home-made Tron costume for the discussion.

Keyboard Drums for Beginners
Mon May 2nd @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

Why spend hours programming drum beats and trying to create a natural feel when you can play them live in one take and get a more human feel than all your mouse clicks ever got you. Josh Mobley (composer, sound designer for TV/Film) will show you some very simple but very effective patterns you can play from your controller keyboard. Follow along live as he walks you through the process of teaching your hands how to get funky!

Record U: Vocal Production and Perfection
Available Tue May 3rd

It's been said by many of the top producers and engineers over the years: The biggest thing that distinquishes an amateur recording from a pro is the vocals. And it's not the mics being used. Bono uses an SM58. The difference is in the comping, timing, clipping, and overall production of the vocal takes. Giles Reaves will teach you all you need to know to go pro.

Kickstart Your Song with Loops
Available Wed May 4th

Propellerhead product specialist Mattias Häggström Gerdt tackles the fallacy that loops aren't true music making. In fact, loops have been the starting point for some of the biggest hits of the last 30 years. In his first video for Propellerhead Mattias will show us how he selects loops, chops them up, juggles them, stretches, reverses, and repackages them together for a quick idea building method.

Percussive Sequencing Tips
Thu May 5th @ 2 PM EST (8 PM CET)

Adam Fielding was a regular member of our user forums until he was snatched up for a record deal by Distinctive Records in the UK. He's been a busy guy ever since and to keep pace with his own creativity, Adam has developed some unique tricks for creative sequencing and percussive editing of audio files. Adam will let his secrets out with you live by showing you around some of his own projects.

Sounds From The Dark Side
Available Fri May 6th

James will be exploring some methods for creating dark and angry sounds that scream at you, eat all of your pancakes, and leave a mess for you to clean up. If you watch this video after dark, make sure to leave the night light on so you don't get scared.

Mocean Worker Q&A
Fri May 6th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

Adam Dorn, a.k.a. Mocean Worker has been making music since before he could talk. Son of R&B producer Joel Dorn, Adam's friends growing up were people like Luther Vandross and Miles Davis. Under the moniker Mocean Worker, Dorn has enjoyed a successful career in his own right. He'll be joining us to discuss his methods of finding inspiration and creativity either in his own music or in his many high profile artist remixes.

Introduction to Control Voltage
Sat May 7th @ 1 PM EST (7 PM CET)

If you're one of those musicians who tends to think the back of the Reason rack is for pointy headed scientists and lab-coat-wearing madmen, then we've got a great event for you to introduce to you some of the most musical uses for Control Voltage (CV). Sure you can wire up an atomic clock back there if you really know what you're doing but you can also do some simple things that will expand your music-making abilities. Peff will show you how!

Found Instruments at Home
Mon May 9th @ 2 PM EST (8 PM CET)

Matt Piper is a guitarist, sure, but he's always looking to find sounds anywhere he can. There's no place better to look than around your own house. That souvenir drum you got in Mexico? Bang on it! Those crystal wine glasses sure can make a good pad sound. There's a nearly endless supply of great sounds sitting around you and all you have to do to start using them is to start using them! Matt will show you how he makes music with whatever he finds nearby.

Live Artist Q&A
Mon May 9th @ 4 PM EST (10 PM CET)

If you've watched TV in the last few years, you already probably heard Olivia Broadfield's music. With placements on One Tree Hill, The Hills, The Real World, and many other, Olivia has received critical acclaim, fan-embrace, and publishing success with her debut album Eyes Wide Open in 2008. Broadfield was lucky enough to get an album partner from none other than Imogen Heap's Frou Frou collaborator Guy Sigsworth. We'll be chatting to see how she makes her music.

Your Music on SoundCloud
Tue May 10th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

It's almost inconceivable to think about pop culture before viral video. What YouTube did for the world of self-proclaimed directors, SoundCloud is now doing for musicians. SoundCloud brings the best of web 2.0 social media together with a the simple human desire to seek and enjoy music. If you're band isn't on SoundCloud yet, you should be. David Noël and Henrik Lenberg will be joining us to give us the latest on what SoundCloud is up to.

From Concept to Dance Floor
Wed May 11th @ 5 PM EST (11 PM CET)

DJ LuckyDate is a master of sound design and his experience in some of the largest clubs in the U.S. gives him the insight to know how his musical decisions will play out on the dance floor. Sometimes a build or a drop can feel one way in the studio and another way in a club. Sometimes a bass sound is big and nasty in a home listening test but overwhelming when it plays out. LuckyDate will show us his sounds to share the considerations he has in mind when making them.

Spicing Things Up With Filters
Available Thu May 12th

The filters in Reason can powerfully alter the sonic characteristic of very basic synth waveforms in Thor. In this Music Making Month special video, Product Specialist Mattias Häggström Gerdt will show you how to use the mod matrix in Thor to turn an otherwise simple analog oscillator into a pulsing, grinding, screaming synth.

Controllerism and Reason
Available Fri May 13th

James will show you some interesting controller surfaces (including iPad) and how they integrate with Reason and Record, and how you can customize some Remote scripts for use with your own control surfaces. If you're the kind of person who likes buttons, faders, and knobs then this is the video for you.

Boyinaband.com's Modern Pop
Fri May 13th @ 2 PM EST (8 PM CET)

Boyinaband.com's Dave Brown has become something of a chameleon recently. He has begun undertaking projects he calls the Seven Day Song. In seven days, Dave sets out to emulate a genre of music and share his process all along the way. We've set Dave a hard task this month: Authentically good modern pop music. He'll start working on the track on the 7th on Boyinaband.com and unveil the final result live with you here.

NNXT Artist Q&A
Sat May 14th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

When we saw an artist called NNXT we naturally became curious. Sure enough, Jessica's name not only matches the advanced sampler in Reason 5 but she produces her music in Reason as well. NNXT's music leverages the ironic and self-effacing nature of internet culture with songs like So Original (The Hipster Song) or Walk of Shame. We'll catch up with NNXT to find hear about her latest projects and to see how she found her style.

Creative Flow in the Studio
Mon May 16th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

Terri Winston has had a 20 year career as a musician, producer, engineer, performer, and collaborator. She has shared stages with legends like PJ Harvey, The Pixies, and Fugazi. With an extensive studio background and a degree in electrical engineering, Terri knows that the technology is just a tool to facilitate creativity and shouldn't be a barrier to it. She'll be sharing her thoughts on how we can all stay creative and inspired when in the studio.

Discovering Reason: Analog CVs Gone Digital?
Available Tue May 17th

Analog CVs date back to an era where MIDI didn't exist and analog synthesizers were cutting edge technology instead of vintage collectibles. When Reason was introduced in 2000 CV had been replaced by MIDI controller data in the 80s and 90s. So why did Propellerhead bring it back in digital form and why has it become such an integral tool for advanced sound/controller manipulation in the digital realm? Gordon Reid dives into the topic.

OK Go Live Q&A
Tue May 17th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

Ask people to cite an example of a band that has mastered the viral marketing potential and ADHD attention span of internet consumers and they'll all probably come back with the same answer: OK Go. Their growth as a band was directly tied the growth of social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Youtube but it doesn't hurt that they're also extremely talented. Damian Kulash will be joining us to talk about his band, their web presence, and how they write and produce music while touring on the road.

Sampling The Reason Rack Internally
Available Wed May 18th

Sampling isn't always about sticking a mic in front of your dog to turn his bark into your next bass lead. Sometimes the best stuff you can sample is inside the Reason rack. Why would you want to do this if it's already in Reason? There's plenty of reasons and Mattias Häggström Gerdt will show you the why's and how's.

Getting Your Music Out There
Wed May 18th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

Okay you've been inspired, you've written music, you've recorded and mixed it. Now what? So much of our music-making business is focused on the "making" part and not on everything that comes after that, the business part. Nimbit will introduce you to their music sales/promotion/fan communication platform and explain how you can maximize your music's exposure and success.

Exploring Synthesis for Inspiration
Thu May 19th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

Chris Petti can dream synthesis routings while he sleeps. The man has never seen a VCO and an LFO he didn't like. But behind all the science and technology, Chris also knows that the point of synth sound design is making great musical sounds. He'll be joining us to show us how we can all explore synthesizers a little deeper for custom patch creation while always keeping our minds on the song we want to make.

Finish What You Started
Available Fri May 20th

Do you have a lot of ideas for hooks of a song, but you get stuck on how to take that hook and turn it into a complete and finished piece of music? This week James will share some tips and concepts on how to take a hook and sculpt it into a finished piece of music.

Freemasons Masterclass
Fri May 20th @ 2 PM EST (8 PM CET)

The Freemasons are no strangers to the UK dance charts. For the last 6 years they've been there time and time again. James Wiltshire, one half of the group, tackles new technology with a fervent drive to understand its every possibility. So when James first got to work with our new Neptune pitch corrector in Record 1.5 he instantly wondered what else it can do. How can Neptune be used as an effect? James will show you the results of his experimentation.

Mixing Tips from Olympic Studios
Sat May 21st @ 4 PM EST (10 PM CET)

From Bjork, to Tina Turner, to Sheryl Crow, Gary Bromham has worked with a best-of list in pop music over the years. His experience on large format mixers at Olympic Studios in London gives him a unique insight on how to approach mixing in Record 1.5's large mixer. We'll be talking live with Gary to see how he mixes and the very musical decisions that one faces during such a technical endeavor.

Your Music in TV/Film/Games
Mon May 23rd @ 2 PM EST (8 PM CET)

Indie bands and producers around the world knew very little of the publishing business ten years ago. It was something that happened upon you if you had enough success to gain the attention of a movie director or TV producer. Today there is hardly any musician who doesn't know about the importance of music publishing. Kim Nieva of Engine House Music will give you tips on how to get your music licensed for film, TV, and video game soundtracks.

Create That Sound You Imagine
Tue May 24th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

One of the best ways to learn how to make the sounds you hear in electronic music is to try and recreate other records you're listening to. Ed Bauman has gotten so good at this that online copyright enforcement algorithims often mistake his recreations for the original tracks. Ed will be teaching us ways that we can help get that synth sound we hear in our head coming from the speakers in not time flat. If you've ever abandoned an idea because you just can't get the sound right, you'll want to talk to Ed Bauman.

Creative Frequency Splitting
Available Wed May 25th

Complex sounds from Thor, for example, span wide frequency spectrums. Who's to say you can't split your sound up in to separate frequency bands and process each band differently and separately? Nobody! That's who! Imagine if you could add reverb to a bass line without muddying it up. You can. And imagine gating different frequencies in different ways to create stereo effects. You can. Mattias Häggström Gerdt shows you how.

Fan Requested Topic TBA
Wed May 25th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

James Bernard is a man who likes a challenge! We'll be collecting fan requests for a special Reason or Record Tips session! James will pick one of the best ones and walk you through it live in an interactive forum. You can ask questions and get feedback on the spot. Put on your thinking caps because we'll be asking for idea submissions during the month. And don't go easy on James... this is your chance to stump the guru!

Simple but Effective Harmonies
Thu May 26th @ 2 PM EST (8 PM CET)

The Neptune pitch corrector in Record 1.5 will fix your bad notes and steer your performance back from an unusable take to a keeper vocal. But when it comes to creative uses for Neptune, its ability to create harmonies from midi notes can give your tracks an entirely new life and dimension to them. If you've never done vocal harmony before, Jonas will show you some simple but effective harmonies you can add to your vocal line.

Everything is Music
Available Fri May 27th

Learn how you can use Reason to sample everyday noises, objects and machines around the house, circuit bent toys, and synths to create your own unique sonic fingerprint.

Lyric Writing Masterclass
Sat May 28th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

Amber Rubarth isn't just an amazing indie musician, singer/songwriter, and recording artist. She's an awarding winning lyricist too! In 2006 the legendary trio of Tom Waits, Brian Wilson, and Robert Smith awarded Amber 1st place in the International Songwriting Competition for her lyrical ability. She'll be joining us to discuss how she approaches lyric writing and give us all some creative tips. Bring your notepad!

Live from the Nashville Synthlab
Mon May 30th @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

Say the word 'Nashville' and you might think of dobros, banjos, and bolo ties but in the heart of Countryville USA is Giles Reaves. His synth skills and engineering chops have led him to work with legends like Emmy Lou Harris, Patty Griffin, as well as his own synth-laden solo releases. Giles will present some of his sounds and demonstrate how great sounds aren't limited by genres and labels. Good music and good sounds will work in any style.

Gerald's Live Reason Rig
Tue May 31st @ 3 PM EST (9 PM CET)

A pioneer of Acid House in the 1990s, Gerald Simpson has been a mainstay of the club scene ever since. Nowadays, when A Guy Called Gerald performs he runs dual laptops both running Reason. The setup allows him to go further than simply controlling 2-track masters like most DJs. He's able to interact with individual elements of the song and adapt the mix to the crowd. We'll be checking out his live rig in action and seeing how it works.