About Reason and Record

All the musicians featured in Music Making Month share one thing in common: they make their music with Record and Reason. The Record Reason Duo is our flagship music studio software. If you're new to the Reason and Record production environment, this page will serve as a basic introduction for you. If you'd like to dig deeper and learn more, please visit our Record and Reason product pages to learn more about The Duo.

The Rack

Walk into any professional recording studio and you will see racks filled to the brim with different tools used in music production from reverb to compressors, vocoders, synths, distortion units, and parametric EQs. The studio's rack is the heart of its creative factory. Reason and Record are no different. That is why we have outfitted your computer with a virtual rack filled with all the same gear. They look and function exactly like their hardware cousins. Even better, they sound just as good too.

Unlike a real studio, however, if you want another synth or an extra compressor you can create one from a menu rather than taking that second job or signing up for those experimental clinical drug trials.

Wiring the Reason rack devices together works by connecting virtual cables between devices. Signals can be routed from device to device or summed into mixers and merger/splitters for more complex set ups.

Wiring cables in the rack doesn't only apply to audio signals, however. Every device is outfitted with a variety of "Control Voltage (CV)" inputs and outputs. CV allows for the manipulation and modulation of devices in ways that are only limited by your own imagination. One drum machine can control another drum machine, or it can control a synthesizer's volume. The pitch of your bass line can be controling the panning of the synth pad playing with it. And so on.

The Mixer

The Record Reason Duo are a software suite which combine to form a complete production environment to get your ideas out. Reason includes a variety of synths, samplers, filters, loop players, drum machines, and effects, Record brings a set of tools specifically designed for recording and producing professional tracks. Perhaps the most significant of these is the large format pro mixer in Record. The Record mixer is a professional mixing console with versatile semi-parametric EQs and dynamic compressors and gates on every channel.

Not to be overlooked, the mixer's Master Bus Compressor is a small meter that gets you a big sound.

Faithfully modeled after an analog mixing legend, it has been the "special sauce" for producers and engineers for decades. Now it's yours too.

Every knob, fader, and button on Record's massive mixer can be automated and recorded in the sequencer.

When you've got your mix sounding just right, export your song as a stereo master or export each mixer channel as stems.

The Sequencer

The sequencer in the Record Reason Duo is a full featured sequencing and audio production platform. Record midi overdubs in multiple note-lanes, perform non-destructive audio comping with multiple vocal takes, time stretch audio/ midi clips, and arrange your song using our "Blocks" pattern mode.