Propellerhead Newsletter

The Record announcement last week has created a huge surge in interest for Record and the ongoing beta testing. We are extremely happy to see the way the Record news was received by press, bloggers and, most of all, our users. Record is currently in beta testing and we will be serving you plenty of Record related goodies over the next few months.

Some subscribers was sent a faulty email with broken images and links. We apologize for this. Here is a corrected version.

In this issue:

  • Record development blog now up & running
  • Record micro tutorials #1 - Record basics
  • Discovering Reason - Thor #9 - Introduction to FM
  • Learn Reason Online with
  • Three new ReFills in the PropShop


Record development blog now up & running

Our mailboxes are about to collapse from the amount of inbound mail with requests for more Record information. In response to this great interest, we have just opened the Record development blog. In this blog, a mix of Propellerhead staff are writing about any Record related topic. Our CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös gives a background about why we chose to build this application in the first place and our test leader Henrik Lenberg keeps us updated on the beta testing progress. Check it out! Comment! Subscribe!

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Record micro tutorials #1 - Record basics

We have just posted the first in a series of micro tutorials on Record. These are short (think one or two minutes) videos that will highlight one aspect of Record each. In the first video, we get a brief introduction to Record's main areas, navigation and how to start recording. Many more will follow. Comment the video if there are specific areas you would like to know more about.

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Discovering Reason - Thor #9 - Introduction to FM

If you need a break from all the commotion around Record - pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit down with Gordon Reid's latest Discovering Reason article. By the time you're done with your coffee, you will have acquired some great party lines such as "the frequencies of the side-bands are equal to the frequency of the carrier plus or minus the frequency of the modulator" and some deep knowledge about the synthesis method that effectively killed analog synthesis with the introduction of Yamaha's legendary DX7 in 1983. Thor's FM Pair oscillators lets you build 80's sounding FM synths as slick as a Miami Vice sunset and Gordon Reid will show you how.

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Learn Reason Online with, the online continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, offers Reason online courses and certificate programs for all skill levels. Master the tools and techniques needed to compose, record, remix, produce and edit your musical ideas using Propellerhead Reason. Summer term begins June 29th. Click below to learn more about the courses and to try a free Reason lesson:

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Three new ReFills in the PropShop

We have added three new Third Party ReFill to the PropShop: brand new Synthetic Kits from Nucleus SoundLab, and two classics from Reasonbanks: Proton.3 and Cybervox.

Synthetic Kits (Nucleus SoundLab)
Synthetic Kits uses Thor, Malstrom and Subtractor to go beyond the x0x electronic drumsounds. Instead of retreading that synthesis ground, Synthetic Kits uses the awesome power of Reason 4 to synthesize the next generation of drum and percussion sounds.

Proton.3 (Reasonbanks)
PROTON v3 gives you a wide range of rich analogue sounds and a unique combination of power and flexibility extensively using the Combinator and NN-XT advanced sampler.

Cybervox (Reasonbanks)
Cybervox is a voice ReFill and toolkit for creating wide range of artificial or humanoid voice type sounds in Reason. It offers formant shaping, advanced vocoding and realtime sound manipulating techniques for live performances.

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