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  • Artist story: Dave Spoon, Subtractor magician
  • Discovering Reason - FM synthesis with Thor
  • ReFill Madness: Midsummer ReBate
  • Learn Reason Online with
  • Propellerhead at Sonar, Barcelona - featuring Simon Grey
  • Record beta update and tutorials
  • Offer from Luthman Scandinavia: Summerjam with Reason!


Artist story: Dave Spoon, Subtractor magician

We paid a visit to Dave Spoon, prolific UK dance music producer, in his combined home/studio in Portsmouth, southern England. Dave has a string of successful releases behind him and he's been spotted in a variety of roles lately - from remixing the likes of Pet Shop Boys and Madonna, to a residency at BBC radio's weekly 'In New DJs We Trust' show.

Follow the link to the video interview, where Dave shows us his Reason magic and how he is using Reason's Subtractor synth to create nasty-sounding basslines in his track 'Lummox'.

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Discovering Reason - FM synthesis with Thor, pt 2

In this month's Discovering Reason (the 30th in the series!), Gordon Reid takes us on a journey through FM land once again. Last time, it was all pianos and this time it's mostly noise. Read the article to learn more about how to create rich-sounding FM routings in Reason's Thor synthesizer.

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ReFill Madness: Midsummer ReBate

To celebrate the upcoming Midsummer holidays, where Swedes of all ages dance the frogdance around a maypole (we're not kidding], we'd like to give you a 10% discount on all download ReFill products in our web shop – including this week's additions: Kikbak's Raw MPC@+4dBv Vol.2 and Nucleus SoundLab's Ambient Drums!

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New this month

Kikbak's Raw MPC@+4dBv Vol.2
This is not your typical MPC 60 ReFill. These drum sounds are from Kikbak's louder and punchier customized MPC 60ii. At the heart of this ReFill are 250+ drum sounds, 100 Redrums, and 134 Combinators. A collection of quality drum sounds that pack some serious punch and smack.

Ambient Drums
Ambient Drums is focused on atmospheric and otherworldly percussion sounds of all variations. Whenever you need percussion that goes beyond the ordinary, Ambient Drums will deliver!


Learn Reason Online with, the online continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, offers Reason online courses and certificate programs for all skill levels.  Master the tools and techniques needed to compose, record, remix, produce and edit your musical ideas using Propellerhead Reason.  Summer term begins June 29th. 
Click here to learn more about the courses and to try a free Reason lesson.


Propellerhead Software at Sonar 2009 in Barcelona
featuring Simon Grey

At this year’s Sonar Electronic Music Festival from June 18th to June 20th, Propellerhead Software will host a number of workshops and have a booth presence in the technology area of the fair.

Propellerhead can be found at booth No. 31 in the SonarPro area, 2nd floor on CCCB (contemporary culture center of Barcelona). Propellerhead will demonstrate Reason and the brand new Record music recording software (available later this year). Workshops are hosted by renowned Australian born Producer and Remixer Simon Grey.

Sonar Workshop Schedule at:


Record beta update and tutorials

As you probably know by now, we are in the middle of beta testing Record, Propellerhead Software's brand new recording software for musicians. The testing is going well and we are currently at beta version 4, so things are looking good for the 09/09/09 release.

To satisfy the unending interest we have seen in Record, we started publishing what we call 'Micro Tutorials' that highlight various features and concepts in Record. These are the tutorials we have published so far:

  • Micro tutorial 5 - Insert effects in Record (published today)
  • Micro tutorial 4 - Channel strip rundown
  • Micro tutorial 3 - Guitar recording with the Line 6 POD® in Record
  • Micro tutorial 2 - Record and Reason integration
  • Micro tutorial 1 - Record basics

You will find them all on the Micro Tutorial page

There are lots of things happening around Record right now. Here are some great ways to stay updated: